Can i take propecia while conceiving a child?

Answer On One Hand: Strong Safety RecordPropecia is a hair loss drug originally developed to treat prostate enlargement. It is considered to be safe for men's use during conception, as there is no evidenc... Read More »

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Can I conceive a child while taking Propecia?

On One Hand: No Fertility IssuesPropecia is manufactured by Merck and prescribed to male patients only. Propecia works by converting testosterone into dihydro-testosterone (DHT). No studies have sh... Read More »

How can you make your chances of conceiving a child higher?

Seeing your Dr before trying to get pregnant, starting prenatal vitamins, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and learning to chart your cycle to learn when your most fertile times are. See relat... Read More »

If there is not a court order for custody and your wife who is a illegal immmigrant left with the child can the father take the child from the babysitter's while the mother is at work?

well we are mot married i guess it would be common law,but we never got a paper signed from the county clercks office.i am concerned for my daughter,she is 15 months old,born in u.s.,and her mom is... Read More »

Can a child take Tylenol while taking a antibiotic?

Usually, yes. Check with your pharmacist or your physician to be certain, but one of the reasons Tylenol is so popular, is that it has very few drug interactions.