Can i take my spacers off when eating ?

Answer Don't take them out unless instructed to by your orthodontist.

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What Are Rim Spacers For?

The wheels on a car have a large impact on not only how the car looks but how it performs and handles as well. This is also one of the most commonly modified areas of a car. Larger and wider wheels... Read More »

How much do spacers hurt?

For me, the first day or so really hurt. Badly.So 8 at first, then after you get used to it and your teeth move, I would say 4.


It should be fine, but you have to have your spacers in for longer time before they come out.

I am getting spacers tomorrow?

It is uncomfortable but everyone is different. It's mostly described as having bits of meat stuck between your teeth. You should get used to it pretty quickly, at least it's only for three days. If... Read More »