Can i take my direct tv box to my neighbors and use it on his system?

Answer How can you tell if my HR22-100 is new from Directv or refurbished. Have nothing but trouble with refurbished.

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My neighbors just installed a Direct TV Dish in their backyard and it is pointing directly towards my bedroom.?

The dish is a receiver, it is harmless. It's just another type of TV antenna like the "rabbit ears" on your Mom & Dad's old TV. You will not be exposed to any radio waves because the dish doesn't... Read More »

Why do my neighbors make fun of me for owning an expensive Bose stereo system?

They're right. Bose is the most worthless, overpriced audio equipment on the market. Don't you ever wonder why it's marketing at senior citizens and idiots who actually speak to salesmen?

How do you connect an old xbox system to direct tv system?

I'm in the same boat your in.. no one really knows anymore. I hope a deal can be arranged..

What is the decoder on a direct TV system?