Can i take legal action?

Answer Lol, sure as long as your argument is that it didn't say put the soup in boiling water for ten minutes.. If it just said, stand in boiling water ... then ,sure, why not? It might be a lost cause th... Read More »

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Should legal action be taken for this?

Legal action against a hospital can be tricky when it's something listed as "difficult to diagnose." I would contact a lawyer to just speak with them. Most hospitals have legal representation tha... Read More »

Legal Action for Debt?

If a consumer owes a debt that he cannot or will not pay, his creditor will use a variety of methods to coerce him to pay what he owes. This can include sending letters to the individual about the ... Read More »

How to Take Legal Action Against a Plastic Surgeon?

If your plastic surgeon performs work that you are not happy with, you may be able to take legal action or sue in a court of law. This legal action will take the form of a civil lawsuit. Most often... Read More »

What Legal Action Can Be Taken If You Owe on Credit Cards?

Given the high interest rates and low minimum payments on some credit card accounts, it is relatively easy for a consumer to not realize he is too deep in credit card debt to escape until it is too... Read More »