Can i take an ink pen or pencil on the plane?

Answer The Transport Security Administration (TSA) does not include pens or pencils on its list of prohibited items on airplanes. You should check its prohibited items page for updates (click on the link ... Read More »

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How to Take a Fingerprint with a Pencil?

If you want to take fingerprints of people, use this recipe. It's different then most! It's very easy.

How to Take Apart a Pentel e-Sharp Pencil?

Pentel e-Sharp mechanical pencils contain a long strip of extendable graphite for drawing or writing. When a piece breaks off, a button on the end of the pencil extends more graphite out the tip. E... Read More »

Can one take drumsticks on a plane?

According to the Transportation Security Administration, drumsticks are not expressly forbidden on airplanes; however, "airlines may or may not allow the additional carry-on item on their aircraft... Read More »

Can you take AndroGel on the plane?

If AndroGel exceeds 3 oz. or is too large to go in a 1-quart, zip-top plastic bag, you must declare it at the security checkpoint for further inspection, according to the U.S. Transportation Secur... Read More »