Can i store songs on a flash drive?

Answer Sure!

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How many songs fit on a 1 GB flash drive?

According to CF Gear, a 1 GB flash drive can hold up to 64 MP3 songs. The number of songs that actually fit will vary depending on the length and quality of the songs.References:CF Gear: How Much D... Read More »

Can you store whole programs on a flash drive?

You can store entire programs on a flash drive, as long your flash drive has enough space available. Flash drives use a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, which connects them directly to your compute... Read More »

Can a usb flash drive be used to store pictures?

A USB flash drive is a versatile memory storage device that can store many types of files, including image files of photographs, drawings, videos or other graphic formats. A gigabyte of USB flash d... Read More »

How many MP3 songs can a 2GB flash drive hold?

The exact number of MP3 songs that will fit on a 2-GB flash drive will vary based on the length and quality of the songs, but SanDisk estimates that a 2-GB flash drive will hold approximately 500 s... Read More »