Can i store rice in plastic food containers?

Answer On One Hand: Doesn't really matterWhether rice is cooked or uncooked, the type of container that it is stored in does not matter. Whether it's stored in a sealed bag or plastic container, the only ... Read More »

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How to Store Water in Plastic Containers?

Storing water for emergency purposes, especially in hurricane regions, is an excellent idea. However, it must be properly stored to ensure it is not contaminated in your time of need. You want to u... Read More »

Is there a substitute for non-biodegradable plastic bags in which to store food garbage?

There are a number of bags on the market made for kitchen and bathroom garbage cans that are biodegradable and/or compostable. Many are corn based and will break down easily in a landfill.Source:Bi... Read More »

Why do we feel non stop thirsty after a wedding feast or hotel food,especially rice or rice based snacks?

commonly in hotels the add baking soda to whiten the color of rice it makes you to feel pretty dry and makes you to drink lot of water

Why it is said that rice is fattening when most of the states in INDIA have rice as their staple food...?

rice is very starchy (like bread) and full of carbs. in countries like America, the rice is processed and made in a very disgusting, unnatural way...the rice in India is probably much much cleaner ... Read More »