Can i still switch the braces?

Answer You will have to ask about the ceramic braces, and its likely that you would have to pay for them. It would be best to ask before your appointment, asking on the day is probably a little too short ... Read More »

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Will I Still Get My Braces Off!?

Depends on your situation but most kids forget to use the rubber bands. I am sure you will get your braces of tomorrow.Good luck,, enjoy

Can I Still Be Cute With Braces?

it is not going to change the way that people look at you, at allif you were dorky before braces, you will still be dorkyif you were "cool", you will still be "cool"

Braces still aching, help!?

It's not uncommon for braces to continue hurting for an entire week, so I wouldn't worry just yet, if I were you. All you can do is continue using the painkillers and wait it out, unfortunately. :/

Can I still get braces if I've chipped my teeth before?

Yes! I have them right now lol! They don't move like that, it's done a weird cool way lol :)