Can i skan copy written pictures on my own scanner?

Answer Go ahead by all means. Scan them and print them. Period

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I would like to copy old pictures using my scanner on my computer but straight to a disk?

Can't *send* anything to disc without burning the files from a folder. However you can scan and save items directly to a usb stick

How do I get pictures from my scanner into "My pictures folder"?

Depending on where the pictures are saved, you'll have to open the folder that they're in and the My Pictures folder. Make both folders small enough on your screen so that you can see both. Drag th... Read More »

How do I copy old slides using a scanner?

Gather materials such as your scanner, slides, computer and slide attachment (purchasable from most photography or computer stores). Some scanners already have a scanner attachment; if yours does n... Read More »

Why wont my scanner copy bank notes?

If it is in the printer programming to recognise bank notes either by the water markor some other recognition mark, then yes it could be that sophisticated to give youthat message and to refuse to ... Read More »