Can i ship perishable food via fedex?

Answer You can ship perishable food using FedEx provided you take certain precautions. The food must be packaged so that it will not spoil en route. Use insulated packages and gel ice packs or dry ice to ... Read More »

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How to Ship Perishable Food?

When you need to ship homemade goodies or other perishable food from your home to another place either within your own area or even farther away, it's important to make sure that it'll arrive in go... Read More »

Can FedEx ship food?

Shipping food can be a nightmare but not with FedEx Custom Critical. FedEx provides many options for shipping food. They provide both service and air temperature-controlled shipping options. FedEx... Read More »

Can I ship food with Fedex and UPS?

Both shippers allow domestic shipments within the United States for foods items.Label and mark the package exterior as “Perishable Food” for identification. Make sure the food is wrapped safely... Read More »

How to ship perishable homecooked foods?

Nothing shows you care like preparing good, home-cooked food for someone. If that "someone" happens to live long distance, the person can still enjoy your home-cooked goodies if you ship them via o... Read More »