Can i send a faulty xbox 360S hard drive back to microsoft?

Answer You need to take the xbox back to the shop where you brought it, it should be covered for 12 mths but you need to have your receipt! They may send it away to be repaired though so be prepared for g... Read More »

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Can you replace the actual hard drive inside the Xbox 360 hard drive?

Yes, you can replace or upgrade the hard drive in your Xbox 360. Microsoft's Xbox Support website has several tutorials that will help you to change or upgrade your system.Source:Microsoft: Xbox 3... Read More »

Can I recover data from a faulty hard drive?

You can recover data from a faulty hard drive--sometimes. One method is to place the drive in an anti-static bag, then seal that bag in a freezer bag, and freeze for several hours. No data-recover... Read More »

Can you save your Xbox 360 hard drive on your computer hard drive?

You can save your XBox 360 hard drive onto your computer hard drive. It requires completely removing your XBox 360 hard drive from the system. This is not recommended by Microsoft, and will invalid... Read More »

Do all Xbox 360s have HDMI?

Not every Xbox 360 gaming console features HDMI output. When the console was first released, the Core system only included one A/V port capable of connecting composite or component cables, but not ... Read More »