Can i sell an old computer?

Answer On One Hand: A Market ExistsYour old computer might not work for you anymore, but there are many people who need a basic, simple machine. Old computers are often sold through classified ads or onli... Read More »

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We are buying a new computer what shall we do with our old but working computer sell it give it or just dump?

Make sure you remove any private info or files, and then give it to someone that doesn't have one.If you can't find someone local then you can give it away on 'gumtree', take a look at the link.You... Read More »

How do i clean my computer up so i can sell it?

Cleaning a computer for resale involves three steps: Cleaning the outside case, cleaning inside the case and cleaning the hard drive. While the first two steps are cosmetic and will appeal to the b... Read More »

How much can I sell my computer for?

If it has Windows, right-click on My Computer, then select Properties.A pop-up window should come up, with something likeSystem:Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro (r)Computer:Intel(r)Pentium 3 CPU 1.0 GHz2... Read More »

Sell or Keep My Computer?

if you want to be smart with your finanaces - YesIf you keep it for another month - you lose another 50 bucks just for checking email.