Can i run windows 98 games on vista?

Answer You can play Windows 98 games on a computer with Windows Vista Ultimate, Enterprise or Business installed. See the Resources section to download Microsoft's Virtual PC---free software that will all... Read More »

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How to Run Windows 3.1 Games on Windows 2000/XP/Vista using DOSBOX?

Many fun and classic computer games were made in the early 1990's for Windows 3.1, and many people have kept their old 286/386 computers to keep playing them. Unfortunately, computers don't last fo... Read More »

How to Run DOS Games in Windows Vista?

Running DOS games under the Windows Vista operating system can be difficult, as the programming architecture for Vista eschews the older style of coding supported by DOS games. Nevertheless, there ... Read More »

How to Run Old Games on Windows Vista 64 Bit?

If you've got the 64-bit version of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system installed on your computer, you may have noticed that certain older programs (like video games) have a difficult tim... Read More »

How do I add games to Windows Vista Business?

Go to StartClick "Start." Click "Control Panel." Select "Control Panel Home" from the viewing options found on the left pane. Click "Programs," then "Programs and Features."Enter Password If Needed... Read More »