Can i run 3 monitors with my ATI 6700 HD series it has a HDMI output and a dvi and vga output all in one card?

Answer Yes  

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Does the Intel HD Graphics [DVI-I and DVI-D] have HDMI output and can support two monitors?

No clue as there is no data about your specific model from Costco. Just mentions Intel graphics. Might be on the MB. Have no idea how video connectors are installed. Might be only one. Might b... Read More »

HDMI video card doesnt output HDMI signal to monitor?

I've seen this before on several systems that I've built. It is usually the resolution or refresh rate set too high for the TV to handle. Remember, that TV is not a computer monitor. Computer monit... Read More »

Will a motherboard with HDMI output both video& sounds via the HDMI?

A motherboard with a HDMI connector will output both audio and video through the HDMI connector cable, eliminating the need for multiple cables to connect a computer to a TV or home theater system.... Read More »

How Can i Split my Hdmi output to 13 TVs?

It can be done, but nit inexpensively. A 16 port distribution amp is $1100 and long HDMI cables run about $ per foot, up to 100 feet.…