Can i replace windows internet explorer or am I stuck with it for now?

Answer You can't exactly 'replace' IE unless you use a different OS because it's deeply integrated into Windows. However, you can remove all access to it from the desktop and start menu, then use an alte... Read More »

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Problems With Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP X64?

Although Internet Explorer 7 was succeeded by Internet Explorer 8 in 2009, if you are still using this browser on the Windows XP (64 bit) platform, you may encounter a few browser problems. These i... Read More »

My Internet Explorer is Not Working with Windows Vista?

When the Windows Vista operating system is installed on your computer you will also have the Internet Explorer Web browser installed for visiting websites on the Internet. If you encounter technica... Read More »

How to Repair Internet Explorer Windows With Vista?

Internet Explorer can become corrupted at any point in time. When this happens, the Internet may stop working or it may respond slowly. The most likely culprit of a corrupted Internet Explorer is o... Read More »

Is Internet Explorer 7 compatible with Windows 2000?

Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) is a web browser created by Microsoft. Windows 2000 operating system originally was shipped with IE 5. IE 7 is not compatible with Windows 2000. IE 7 requires Windows ... Read More »