Can i replace the RFID reader by an RF Transceiver?

Answer A full-duplex RFID communication system would transmit at less then dial-up at full speed with our current technology.

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Cost of a RFID Scanner/Reader?

Hi- you can get this reader… for either 76133 (2-port reader) or 87127 (4-port reader) Rupees. The 4-port reader also has the capability of becoming a 32... Read More »

How does RDM630 125khz RFID Reader works?

here's the datasheet with a sample schematic:……Please read this system guide for more detailed information about ... Read More »

What Is the RS-232 Transceiver?

The RS-232 transceiver is a digital interface, using the RS-232 standard, allowing the transfer of data to and from a computer via an RS-232 port. RS, or Recommended Standard, 232, uses 25-pin conn... Read More »

What is a LAN transceiver?

A local area network (LAN) transceiver is a small electronic device that converts category 5 copper Ethernet interfaces to fiber optic cable. Transceivers are used heavily in enterprise voice and d... Read More »