Can i repair a foreclosure on my credit?

Answer On One Hand: It May Take a Long TimeAccording to Liz Weston of MSN Money Central, it may take up to 10 years before you can get a foreclosure off of your credit score. In the meantime, a foreclosur... Read More »

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How Long Does It Take to Repair Your Credit With a Credit Bureau After a Foreclosure?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows the nationwide credit bureaus to report foreclosure information for seven years. Even with the foreclosure you may be immediately eligible for some forms of cre... Read More »

How many years does it take to repair credit after foreclosure?

Credit repair can begin immediately after foreclosure. Paying off debt, paying bills on time and using credit for purchases can start to improve credit scores even after foreclosure. The foreclosur... Read More »

What happens to your credit after a foreclosure?

Losing a home to foreclosure can deal an individual a devastating emotional blow. Unfortunately, the foreclosure itself isn't the end of his troubles. Foreclosure has a negative effect on credit sc... Read More »

Foreclosure & Credit History?

Foreclosures can be an emotionally and financially devastating event in a person's life. In addition to the sting of loosing a home, a defaulted home loan with a foreclosure proceeding will haunt t... Read More »