Can i rely on wikipedia?

Answer Not completely, most information on wikipedia is reliable except for any facts you find that requires a citation, or anything that just doesn't sound possible.

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Can we rely on the informations in wikipedia?

Yes we can. All the info on Wiki is derived from several sources (linked to in the "References" section). even if some poor soul would happen to vandalize a page or two, it's likely that a responsi... Read More »

With roundabouts, can you rely on car positioning?

Simple answer, no. If you pull out in front of something because you THINK it's going a certain way and you crash, it's your fault.

Which field of medicine you rely on and why?

your forgot to mention 'homoeopathy' jinku, it is very popular in india and widely used successfully. i like to take those sweet pills that doesn't give side effects, and thts the reason tht i m so... Read More »

What jobs rely on the coast?

My first time being deployed with the Guard, I spent 19 months on active duty. Legislation passed since then is supposed to prevent any member of the National Guard or Reserve from being activated ... Read More »