Can i qualify for a mortgage before i sell my home&satisfy the existing mortgage?

Answer On One Hand: The Hard WayIf your credit history and financial situation are good enough, you can qualify for a mortgage on a second property. This will work just as if you were buying a second home... Read More »

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How to Qualify for a Mortgage?

Applying for a mortgage is not a difficult process if you are financially qualified. There are a number of rules and regulations that are expected of you and your financial status. For this reason,... Read More »

How much mortgage do you qualify for?

On One Hand: Front End RatioThis ratio is a conservative way to determine how much you should borrow for a home. A mortgage bank will determine a prequalification based on 28 percent of your gross ... Read More »

How much will i qualify for a mortgage?

On One Hand: Mortgage ExpensesMost lender restrict the ratio between your mortgage expenses to your monthly pretax income to 28 percent. Your mortgage expenses include the monthly payment, real est... Read More »

Can I qualify for a second mortgage?

On One Hand: Consider How To QualifyTo qualify for a second mortgage a homeowner must have at least 20 percent equity in a property. A bank will also look at income, so a steady job is required, an... Read More »