Can i put regular gas in a car that says it needs premium?

Answer On One Hand: It Is Usually FinePutting regular gasoline into a car that calls for premium will probably do no damage to the vehicle, according to USA Today. Modern cars have on-board electronics th... Read More »

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Why does my internet explorer closes whenever i open it then says that it needs to debug and close?

Download Adaware program, scan your computer, clean it.Adaware is free...If not, then reinstall Internet explorer.

What would happen if you use a 300W regular light bulb in a table lamp that says 100W maximum?

Answer 1 If you are lucky, it may last long enough for you to get it turned back off, or pull the plug out of the socket.ALL electrical devices are designed to safely carry only a specified amount ... Read More »

Your iphone is locked and all it has is emergency call and a little you that shows imei and iccid and it says it needs to be plugged in to itunes and i cant restore it?

haha they are the same but 3gs is slighty faster so why not

Can i use regular gas in a premium gas car?

On One Hand: Benefits of PremiumSome engines require high octane premium fuel because they have higher compression ratios than other engines. Using premium fuel, if recommended by the manufacturer,... Read More »