Can i put linoleum over a sealed concrete floor?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, You CanYou can install linoleum over a sealed concrete floor. Linoleum comes in sheets or tiles that you glue down yourself, or they have a self-adhesive backing. Either way, make... Read More »

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How do I Maintain an Interior Sealed Shiny Pap Concrete Floor?

A way to finish interior concrete floors is to get the PAP clear shiny finish applied to them. It is the Polyospartic Alphalitic Polyurea (PAP) finish that, per Luxury Concrete Floors website, is t... Read More »

How often should a concrete driveway be sealed?

On One Hand: Weather ConditionsWhether you live in mild weather, intense sunlight or a freeze and thaw climate greatly determines how you maintain a concrete driveway. For climates like the cold w... Read More »

Do concrete pavers need to be sealed?

Sealing patio pavers is not required, but it is recommended. Sealing gives the surface a protective coating that resists water, stains and other contaminates. Sealing also enhances the beauty and... Read More »

Can waxed concrete countertops be sealed?

According to Jeffrey Girard, president of The Concrete Countertop Institute, wax on a concrete countertop is a form of a sealer. Wax, however, is considered a poor sealer for concrete countertops a... Read More »