Can i put clear epoxy over paint?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, Over Some PaintPainters can seal previously painted surfaces with clear epoxy paint. According, contractors can choose from semi-gloss or glossy epoxy pain... Read More »

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How to Put a Clear Coat of Epoxy Over a Bar?

When it comes to maintaining a bar, the ideal is to create a surface that is aesthetically pleasing but also strong. Strength is needed in a bar surface to prevent scratches and damage, which comes... Read More »

How to Use Clear Epoxy Ceps?

Clear epoxy penetrating sealer (CEPS), also referred to as clear penetrating epoxy sealer (CPES), is a thin liquid that penetrates dry, rotting, exterior wood. It contains epoxy resin, alcohols and... Read More »

Can enamel paint be used over epoxy paint on boats?

Yes you can paint over epoxy paint on a boat using enamel. However, you must use an oil-based marine enamel paint and sand the boat thoroughly before applying the new coat.References:Painting Tips ... Read More »

No Slip additive in Clear Epoxy floor covering - use it or not?

you sponge mop your garage floor??woaI just sweep mine. I'd go with the non slip. There's nothing quite so painful as falling on your heiny on concrete.(((((vc)))))