Can i put an electric range next to a refrigerator?

Answer On One Hand: You Shouldn'tAccording to the Consumer Energy Center, installing a stove of any kind next to the refrigerator is inefficient. The heat from the stove causes the refrigerator and freeze... Read More »

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How can you correct the voltage drop that occurs whenever you turn the refrigerator or electric range on?

Answer(1) Re-wire the fridge circuit and/or the range circuit with larger gauge wire.(2) The range should be on its own circuit already (if not, put it on its own circuit like NEC mandates). You co... Read More »

When remodeling a kitchen can you wire a new electric range into the outlet that previously had the refrigerator plugged into it?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. Refrigerators don't usually require a minimum of a 220 V circuit. Most ranges do, and of course, the circuit should be ded... Read More »

How to Install an Electric Box for an Electric Range?

Installing an electrical box for an electrical range requires wiring a high voltage 50-amp 240-volt receptacle. These receptacles are slightly more complicated than wiring a standard 120-volt recep... Read More »

Induction vs. Electric Range?

Personal preference plays a role when trying to decide between purchasing an induction or electric range. Induction ranges and certain electric ranges feature smooth glass cooktop surfaces. Traditi... Read More »