Can i put an air conditioner behind my plasma tv?

Answer On first thought, this would be a very good thing. That TV gives off a lot of heat in normal operation, and it must be dissipated away from the set. The a/c would be perfect for that.But on the o... Read More »

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Audiophiles: Who has filled the "best plasma tv" hole that Pioneer Elite left behind?

Yes agreed the Pioneer Elite was and actually still is the best TV made. You can find them on ocation from time to time, but most people want a pretty penny for them. I own a Pioneer Elite Pro 15... Read More »

A weird dream about an apartment with an extra room that was hiding behind a wall in a kitchen behind stove?

Hi!Usually hidden places are an inner self telling about something you might want to be doing but not yet have had the courage to do; maybe you are hiding a talent and need support to start working... Read More »

A man is on a game show he is presented with two doors one on the left and one on the right behind him is 2 million dollars and behind the other is a donkey choose the correct door to win the prize th?

Can using hdmi from my pc to my plasma cause my plasma to damage in the long run?