Can i put a motion detector in a recessed light?

Answer On One Hand: Space May Not PermitRecessed lighting fixtures have a housing specifically made to hold the light bulbs meant to be used in them; there is not room for a motion sensor, which takes up ... Read More »

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How far should a smoke detector be placed from a recessed light?

Install smoke alarms at least 12 inches from any light fixtures. They should also not be put near any sources of heat, such as a kitchen or fireplace, which may accidentally set them off. This giv... Read More »

How to Replace a Motion Detector on an Old Light?

A motion detector light helps conserve energy and adds a certain level of security. Because the light turns on only when you need it, and then shuts off automatically when you don't need it, it is ... Read More »

How to Reset a Motion Detector Light?

Motion detector lights contain a sensor that turns the light on when it detects movement. These lights help to conserve energy, since they do not stay on all of the time. In addition, they act as a... Read More »

How to Fix a Motion Detector Light with Broken WIres Inside?

A motion detector light with broken wires is easy to fix when you replace the ceramic lamp base on the light fixture. Installing a new ceramic lamp base means you'll have all new wiring on your mot... Read More »