Can i print using my laptop wirelessly?

Answer If your printer has wireless capability, you can print directly do it. You'll need to consult the setup manual for it. If the printer is not wireless, you can still print to it through the comput... Read More »

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How to Set up Your Laptop to Print Wirelessly?

Check if your printer has an internet connection, if it does you can just plug it in and use it as a network printer. Most printers, however, will work with a USB or a parallel port. In this case y... Read More »

How to Print Wirelessly With Wireless Laptop?

Laptops with built-in wireless Bluetooth connections are able to connect to any other Bluetooth equipment, including wireless printers. A printer also can print wirelessly with the use of an adapte... Read More »

How do I print wirelessly from my laptop to a printer?

i would want to know the same thing i think u have to have it connected to a desktop or something and then like share the printer then if u have another comp like a desktop connect it to tht and wh... Read More »

IS it really easy and inexpensive to set up your printer to print wirelessly from your laptop?

You'll need to have a wireless router or print server. If you already have the wireless router (and a wireless network) you can pick up a device to plug in a USB printer into the router. If you t... Read More »