Can i print direct to tshirt using my own inkjet printer ?

Answer no that is not possible....that is because ur shirt wont fit in the printer...moreover it will spoil ur shirt...because the print on the shirt that u get from the market is a different base print a... Read More »

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How to Print High Quality Photos Using an Inkjet Printer?

The quality of photos and images produced by an inkjet printer is determined by a combination of factors. Printer capability, paper grade, original image resolution, and camera quality all influenc... Read More »

How to Print on a CD With an Inkjet Printer?

Printing CD labels on clear or opaque label sheets used to be the only at-home solution to printing on a CD--but now, printable CDs and DVDs are available. To print on these CDs or DVDs requires an... Read More »

Using low quality papers on my new inkjet printer, will it cause any harm to the printer .?

Usage of low quality papers in printers may lead to future damages of cartidges or some other parts/accessories of printer. Moreover regular basis use of low quality papers usually leads to this pr... Read More »

How to Print on an Envelope with an Inkjet Printer?

Think of printing an envelope as being similar to printing any other document. First, you have to make sure that the document is designed in the correct size containing the information that needs t... Read More »