Can i print business cards or flyer for advertising with my normal printer?

Answer Yes, but if you plan on printing more than a few hundred at a time, you might want to look into having a commercial printer print them.

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Can you print business cards on a thermal printer?

Thermal printers, which use heat to print on special paper, are mostly popular with businesses that use them for printing out customer receipts. There are some thermal printers that are designed to... Read More »

How to Print Business Cards?

There are several ways to print business cards, depending on your needs. You can visit a local print shop, order business cards online or print them on your own computer. Each method has benefits a... Read More »

How to Print on 4x6 Cards With a Laser Printer?

Laser printers are the most popular choice for printing when quality is the top priority. Laser printer toner will not bleed and doesn't need to dry, so laser printouts are ideal for businesses. If... Read More »

How do you set your printer to print index cards?

Go toStartSettingsprinters and faxesRight click your printer iconClick propertiesClick printing preferencesIn the (size is) window The middle one, scroll to index cards. There are 3 sizes liste... Read More »