Can i pour peanut oil down the drain?

Answer No, you should not pour peanut oil down the drain. Like with any oil, peanut oil will solidify and could cause plumbing and sewer problems. To properly dispose, pour the used oil into a sturdy plas... Read More »

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Can you pour oil down the drain?

It is not considered safe to pour cooking oil down the drain. The oil can clog pipes and cause backups throughout the entire system. Even running hot water will not be enough to get rid of oil. Whe... Read More »

Can i pour oil down the drain?

Pouring any type of oil down the drain is a bad idea. Vegetable and other cooking oils, though non-toxic, can clog drains and cause plumbing problems. Pouring motor oil down the drain is illegal in... Read More »

Can you pour vegetable oil down the drain?

According to the water department of the City of Austin, pouring oils and greases--including vegetable oils--down the drain can cause serious problems for the city's pipes and water supply. Instead... Read More »

What to pour down a drain if the shower is draining slow?

On One Hand: Commercial ProductsThere are several commercial products of varying strength that you can pour down the drain to clear up a clog, such as Drain-O. These products will dissolve clogs in... Read More »