Can i plug an electric guitar into a behringer 212a?

Answer You can plug an electric guitar into a Behringer Eurolive B212a since it does have a 1/4-inch input jack and a built-in amplifier. According to the product manual, the Eurolive B212a is designed to... Read More »

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How to Plug Your Electric Guitar Into a PC?

There are several ways to plug your guitar or bass into your PC, even if you don't have expensive recording gear.

Can i plug an electric guitar into a tascam dp-004?

You can connect your guitar to the Tascam DP-004 by running a 1/4-inch cable from your guitar to the Input-A connector on the back of the device. Doing this will allow you to record your guitar as ... Read More »

Can you plug an electric guitar into a 120 watt stereo?

You can use an RCA-to-mono 1/4-inch jack to plug your guitar into your stereo. Simply plug the left and right RCA jacks into one of the inputs on the receiver and the other end into your guitar.Sou... Read More »

Can you use a Behringer Bass V-Amp for a guitar?

Since a Behringer Bass V-Amp can be used for bass, it can also be used for guitar. The effects and simulators are specifically designed for use with the bass guitar, but any electric instrument can... Read More »