Can i paint a linoleum floor?

Answer On One Hand: Quick, Inexpensive UpdateBesides replacing linoleum with the least-expensive linoleum or peel-and-stick tiles available, painting over linoleum is one of the cheapest ways to update th... Read More »

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How do I remove latex paint from a linoleum floor?

Wipe up wet spills immediately with a wet cloth and hot water. Clean dried up latex paint using a cloth drenched in rubbing alcohol. Set the drenched cloth directly on to the dried spill, and weigh... Read More »

How do I rip up a linoleum floor?

Determine SafetyDetermine the age of the linoleum. If it was manufactured prior to 1970, there is a chance that the flooring contains asbestos. Flooring manufactured after 1970 doesn’t contain as... Read More »

How do I shine a linoleum floor?

Cleaning Linoleum FloorSweep the linoleum floor thoroughly with a broom. Ensure all dust and debris is clear. Fill a bucket with hot water. Mix the floor cleaner by the directions on the bottle, or... Read More »

How do I put linoleum on a cement floor?

Prepare the FloorRent a floor grinder, and run it over the floor to remove any bumps. Fill in any depressions with a concrete leveling compound. Let the compound dry, and throughly vacuum the floor... Read More »