Can i move to america if my wife is american?

Answer On One Hand: Immigration Laws and Family MembersAccording to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a person may be able to get a green card if an immediate member of his family is a U.S. c... Read More »

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How far away can your ex-wife move if you have joint custody but the children live with her?

Answer Since you have joint custody you would have to go to court if she chose to even move to another town several hundred miles away and if she decided to move to another State or country, she wo... Read More »

How to Move to America?

You will need to research many aspects of your new life when you decide to move to America. Start by finding a city that you think you will enjoy, then look for a job, obtain permission to work in ... Read More »

If your ex-wife marries a man in the military can they move your child across seas without your consent?

Answer If you have joint custody then you should see legal counsel. Other arrangements must be made so you still have visitation rights of your child. Perhaps, if you agree, you could ask for you... Read More »

How to Move to Canada From America?

More Americans are moving to Canada each year. If you are interested in moving to Canada, a few steps can help you with your move.