Can i make prints from old negatives?

Answer Photo negatives are a permanent imprint of the photograph on the negative film, and they experience relatively little wear over time. Unless the negative has been in some way damaged, such as by wa... Read More »

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Does anyone know of a scanner that is capable of scanning in 126 negatives or older negatives of unknown film?

Get the newer HP scanners which will scan transparencies, films and negatives.

I just filled my ink cartridge and when it prints out it prints out pink what should i do?

Try running the cartridge head cleaning routine to get any dried ink out of the cartridge 's jet opening. Run the nozzle-check test and you will see which color is not printing. When the test shows... Read More »

How to Make Picture Negatives?

Digital photography allows you to make a variety of adjustments to an image. From changing the size and orientation of an image to altering the highlights, midtones and shadow, much of the work of ... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Fabric Prints?

Fabrics come in a multitude of designs and prints. Some crafters and sewers prefer using original, one-of-kind prints of their own design. There are numerous ways to make a custom fabric print, dep... Read More »