Can i make magnetic shielding for my speakers?

Answer On One Hand: Magnetic Shielding May Increase Image QualitySpeakers have powerful magnets inside them and these can cause interference when placed near other pieces of electronic equipment. In the c... Read More »

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Magnetic Field Shielding: A Tutorial?

If you have large speakers next to your television, you may have noticed that they cause a distortion in the TV picture. If you are an audiophile living near power lines or an industrial plant, you... Read More »

Can you make computer speakers from splicing speakers and a headphone plug?

No, splicing the cord wil ruin the jack and cabling. Not a good idea. Soory

Can aluminum foil be used as extra cable shielding?

I would not scrimp in the cable if it is your intent to run Gigabyte.Also, I have no idea where you live but running cables in your wall and running those cables through PVC may not be up to buildi... Read More »

What cable would you recommend to offer the best shielding performance?

buddy you need STP OR OPTIC FIBER Cable to provide best shielding performance. 1:optic fiber expensive not easy to terminate ends no RFI EMI 2:shielded twisted pair second option easy and cheap