Can i lose weight from hula hooping?

Answer On One Hand: Hula Hooping Can Help You Lose WeightHula hooping can burn calories and tone the muscles of the core. Over time, with a balanced diet and commitment to an active lifestyle, hula hoopin... Read More »

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How to Be Good at Hula Hooping?

Though traditionally considered to be a children's toy, hula hoops can provide an ideal activity for people of all ages. Hula hooping is not only fun, but it can also be a great workout. Because yo... Read More »

What muscles does hula hooping work?

Hula hooping has been around for thousands of years - dating back to ancient Greece and Egypt. Hula hooping has recently regained popularity as a fun way to get fit and exercise.Traditional Hula Ho... Read More »

How to Wear Suitable Clothing for Hula Hooping?

Here's the first basic rule of hooping and clothing: the fewer clothes, the better! This article points out the other key points to consider when hula hooping for everyday fitness.

Hula hooping reminds me of being a kid. What item did you used to wear that you think should be brought back?

Hi Jamie, could you do the thing with the hula hoop where you put in round one ankle then run along swinging it round your ankle and putting the other foot in and out of it? I was really fast up an... Read More »