Can i lock my computer?

Answer Of course you can Press Control+ALT+Delete and it will give you options of all the crap you want to do

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Can I lock my computer,even whith other accounts,that no one can enter my computer unless by my password?

Yes you can, when your computer starts you would see 'press this for Bios settings' ,for example its F12 on my computer. Their you can go to serurity section and put a password accordingly

How to Lock a Mac Computer?

Locking your Macintosh (Mac) computer when you log out or step away from your desk can protect and prevent your files and folders from being accessed by unauthorized users. To give your Mac compute... Read More »

How to Lock a Computer?

When you are away from your system, lock it to restrict third party access. This can save your system privacy and unnecessary mess up as well. Tech support professionals can suggest oodles of ways ... Read More »

Does anyone know what num lock does on the computer?

Num Lock is a key on the numeric keypad of most computer keyboards, used to switch that pad between number entry and arrow keys. It is a toggle key, like Caps Lock and Scroll Lock. Its state is com... Read More »