Can i load xp instead of vista on my new laptop?

Answer On One Hand: XP Is Highly CompatibleThe operating system known as Windows XP is a highly compatible operating system that works with most modern PC hardware. This includes most laptops, even those ... Read More »

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How do you change the load order in Vista?

Restart the ComputerRestart the computer by selecting the Restart option in the Start menu. Press the appropriate function key when the computer starts back up and prompts the message: "Press FX t... Read More »

How to Up Load a DVD to a Hard Drive With Vista?

Uploading DVDs from a hard drive, or creating and mounting ISO images, is widely used today for a variety of purposes. Creating an ISO means creating a clone of the DVD in question. This does not r... Read More »

How do I allow a program to load on startup in Vista?

Open System ConfigurationPress the "Windows" key and "R". Type "msconfig" in the new window. Click "OK" to launch the System Configuration Utility.Enable Startup ItemsSelect the "Startup" tab. Chec... Read More »

I'm buying my first laptop soon and don't know whether to get XP or Vista, are there any drawbacks to Vista?

I have Vista Ultimate and it is awesome, especially for media.But to answer your question, as no one else has, yes there are drawbacks. Your peripherals like printer, scanner must be vista certifie... Read More »