Can i light paint with my camera please answer!?

Answer Of course!You have a fully adjustable camera and all you need is a dark night, a tripod, some kind of pen light or LED torch (flashlight) for shooting light graffiti or a large lamp for actually pa... Read More »

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My digital camera has frozen with the lense stuck out. Please help - BEST ANSWER?

Try resetting the camera.Then try this site...…

Please please please answer this with your TRUTHFUL opinions! :)?

I am not involved in your treatment and based on this sketchy information it's hard to say, but the pacemaker and/or medication is usually the best way to go in this situation. Surgery should only ... Read More »

Is this a good camera PLEASE ANSWER!?

I love the Casio exilim series - very good cameras and they are very easy to use too. This camera has anti-shake so you will get fewer blurry photos and it has easy mode so you can just point and s... Read More »

Who ever has a digital camera, please answer this.?

it sounds like what happened when my batteries were run out. i have found that frequently the batteries that accompany the camera do not last very long at all. one set of batteries only lasted fo... Read More »