Can i light paint with my camera please answer!?

Answer Of course!You have a fully adjustable camera and all you need is a dark night, a tripod, some kind of pen light or LED torch (flashlight) for shooting light graffiti or a large lamp for actually pa... Read More »

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What kind of paint is used to paint light bulbs?

Painting light bulbs requires a type of paint that withstands very high temperatures. Basic glass paint, designed to survive the high heat of an oven, offers the best results. Nonwater based, the p... Read More »

What color should i paint my bedroom PLZ ANSWER !?

Is an opening in a camera that allows light into the camera?

In Need Of Camera Which One Should I Get 10 Points Best Answer ;)?

Try getting the coolpix? or a good kodak. look some up on bestbuy websites or target etc.