Should a step mom let a child kiss and lick her feet?

Answer If we talk about small children playing they do crazy things and I see no harm in it. My daughter wanted to be a dog when she was little and licked out hands, legs and feet but she was just playing... Read More »

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Should a women let a child kiss and lick her feet?

If it's like my daughter pretending to be a dog when she was little, it's fine but otherwise it would be weird and not to mention unhygienic. Really small children do odd things but if it's a older... Read More »

How did the towns of Beaver Lick and Big Bone Lick in Montana USA get their names?

Anuk Creek, in Manitoba..."Moose Shitz Creek" sans paddle...Don't forget Larry Bird's hometown, French Lick Indiana...The very best in America...To Hell You Ride, Colorado...

Did you ever walk on gravel with bare feet What will this do to your feet when your older?

Sure, I walked on gravel when I was young, but my poor feet have been through worse than that. Those darn toe shoes that I had to wear in dance class did a job on my toes because I fractured two t... Read More »

What is the cubic feet of a room that is 12 feet long 8 feet wide and 8 feet high?

Answer Cubic feet is calculated by length X width X height. So a room with: length = 12 ft. width = 8 ft. height = 8 ft. would be: 768 ft.^3 or in English 178 cubic feet