Can i learn JAVA by myself?

Answer u can learn on ur ownbut it is slightly tougher than c or c++there is more code involved than c++. it is more tedious. it is a CUI language. but more functionalities are there.hope it helps! all th... Read More »

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How to prepare myself to get a good job in it industries based on java !?

For both Java and C# you can get certified by Oracle and Microsoft. In that way you will learn directly from the pros. I would recommend you sticking to a particular language because as you learn m... Read More »

How to Learn Java 6?

Java is used world wide and takes several months to master. Subsequently, Java programmers are well paid and tend to enjoy stable employment. Java is an "object-oriented" language that is based on ... Read More »

I want to Learn Java,?

Good for you. You want the latest javaSE. You need the JDK -- Java Development Kit. I recommend the NetBeans IDE to help you code correctly. Read the Sun tutorials "Getting Started". And here is a ... Read More »

I would like to learn Java...?

Explore this site: it contains good materials(tutorials, exercises with solutions,review questions and answers, to learn a lot of programming languages inclu... Read More »