Can i keep a pair of eclectus together as pets?

Answer On One Hand: Size and SimilaritiesIt is always a good idea to put birds of equal size and type together when you want them to share a cage. In that way, keeping two of the same species, such as Ecl... Read More »

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How big can the Eclectus parrot get?

The Eclectus parrot (Eclectus roratus) is large-bodied parrot with a short tail. As an adult, both the male and female reach a length of 35 centimeters (13.75 inches) from head to tail and weigh 45... Read More »

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How many eggs does an eclectus parrot lay?

Female eclectus parrots will typically lay two eggs, which will be incubated by the female for approximately 28 days. In the wild, eclectus parrots build their nests in holes in the trunks of tall ... Read More »