Can i just wear one contact lense?

Answer For one day you'll be okay, but it'll be awkward. Don't let it become a normal thing, because over time your brain will actually block out the signals from your left eye. Your vision will be prim... Read More »

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Contact Lense help?

Hello,I don't pretend to be absolutely up to date, but I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 23, now I'm 60.The main types of contact lenses are: hard ones and soft ones.Hard ones are the ... Read More »

Rip on contact lense?

If they are ripped it is unsafe to ware them, because it can cause irritation to your eyes and you wont like it at all. I did and it sucked. when you clean it put the contact lense in the palm of y... Read More »

Is contact lense bad for my eyes?

As long as you're following the wearing schedule given by your doctor & properly caring for them the answer is no.

Contact lense question?

I have soft contacts and they are the way to go.First of all, if you loose one it is no big deal because they come in boxes. In fact, If I am at school and one is bothering me I just take it out an... Read More »