Can i join the military with childhood asthma?

Answer On One Hand: Asthma Is DisqualifyingAll branches of the military rely on Army Regulation 40-501 Standards of Medical Fitness to determine eligibility for enlistment. According to the regulation, as... Read More »

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Can you join the military with asthma?

Previously, those with asthma weren't eligible to join the military, but the Department of Defense has recently relaxed that restriction. The new policy states that applicants will only be disquali... Read More »

What is childhood asthma?

Childhood asthma is a condition that affects 5 million kids under the age of 18 in the United States, explains the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. With treatment, most children with asthm... Read More »

Can i join the marines with asthma?

You may not join the Marines or any other branch of the U.S. military if you have asthma that was diagnosed after your 12th birthday. If you were diagnosed with childhood asthma but have outgrown t... Read More »

Can you join the US Marine Corps with asthma?

If you have asthma you cannot join. If you are found out to have asthma in boot camp, they will send you home. If you are found out later on to have asthma you may or may not be discharged.>>>: eve... Read More »