Can i join the military if i am on probation?

Answer Anyone under any form of judicial restraint does not meet minimum moral standards to enter the military. Judicial restraint includes probation, imprisonment, parole or bond. Once these restraints n... Read More »

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Can you join the military while on probation?

You cannot enlist in the military while on probation. If you have completed probation successfully, your recruiter may be able to obtain a waiver on the basis of your character and the fact that yo... Read More »

Can you join the military on probation?

You cannot join the military while you are on probation. As states, the military requires recruits to be of good moral character. This excludes many felons and "individuals under any f... Read More »

If you are on probation with the law can you still join the navy?

Can you join the Navy if you are on probation?

Not until your probation is over, and even then it depends on what the probation is for. You cannot join any military branch if you're legally obligated to another branch of federal, state or local... Read More »