Can i install two dimmers on a three-way?

Answer It is possible to install two dimmers on a three-way dimmer switch. If you have a double box for two switches, make sure you do all the calculations and install a larger double box if needed.Source... Read More »

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Do dimmers save power?

Dimmer switches conserve power and extend the life of light bulbs. The amount saved depends on the percentage of dimming. Older types of dimmers converted excess energy into heat at the switch plat... Read More »

How to Install 6X9 Three-Way Speakers?

A common size of speakers used in car stereo installations, both in factory systems and in aftermarket setups, is 6x9. The three-way design used by many 6x9 models incorporates a woofer, mid-range ... Read More »

How to Install Three-Way Switches?

Three-way switch installation can be complicated because each switch on the circuit has a slightly different wiring configuration. Three-way switches operate a light fixture from two different loca... Read More »

Can I install a dimmer on a three-way light?

Yes. You will first need to determine the dimmer size in order to add up to the maximum fixture wattage that the switch will control. From there, connect all the terminals as you would for a normal... Read More »