Can i ignore installing vista sp2?

Answer On One Hand: It's PossibleIt is possible to ignore installing Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2). Though Windows will incessantly attempt to notify SP1 users that an upgrade is available, it is not... Read More »

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Installing XP and Vista together?

Installing XP and Vista doesnt have any drawback. Having two OS system helps you to retrive data if one OS crashes then from another OS you can easily reterive the data.

Puzzling, need help on installing Vista.?

Hi CannIt could be a faulty DVD that cannot read the header. This may be due to mislaigned reading head on your DVD.You should have bought a DVD/CD combo for the same price.

Installing XP with Vista already installed help?

you need to buy the soft ware in order for it to work

Installing vista onto a new hardrive?

Well, you could be adventurous and install Linux... Or you can find a copy of Windows 7 and get a beta key from Windows and use it 'til august...