Can i hurt my baby by bending over?

Answer Your baby is fine. Pregnancy comes with a protective surrounding of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. It hurts to pee because your organs are getting smushed as the baby gets bigger... and you... Read More »

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I heard a pop in my knee, and it hurt really bad, I tried bending and it hurt even more?

That happened to me twice during my internship. I was very sedentary that Summer and then one day I was walking, did a little turn, nothing big or silly, and then CACOW!!! Cacow is supposed to be... Read More »

How to Draw Someone Bending Over?

Figure drawing can be daunting to attempt at times, and poses where the body is somehow twisted, bent or contracted can be the most difficult. One way to combat this, however, is by first making a ... Read More »

I have been secretly recording my neighbour cutting the grass, I got some great shots of her bending over but?

Get some beer in and invite her husband round to watch it with you later. I'm sure he will be well chuffed and may even offer to buy a copy from you as a gift for her. That way when she is old and ... Read More »

Recently developed a weird pulse pounding on left side of my head/neck. Happens lying down and bending over.?

I am 27 and suffer from this as well and have for the last few years. It is called pulsing tenitis. It can be caused from several different things. I hear the noise in my ear constantly. The fir... Read More »