Why do i hear another conversoin on the phone?

Answer Yes.The line could be unbalanced or crossed. Call the phone company to run an MLT test. If you have a reseller using the phone companies lines, good luck. if it sounds more like a radio/CB radio th... Read More »

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Phone problems!!! (Each time I get a call, its from another state. And when I pick up, I cant hear)?

I am not sure if this helps but my daughter and son are in michigan and i cannot reach them and they can't call out ... I am talking to my daughter on Facebook Messaging... they keep getting calls ... Read More »

Is something wrong if you had an ultrasound done and found out you're having twins and that you are at 9 weeks but they did not hear a heartbeat so they're doing another scan next week?

Answer Maybe. They must have cause to worry or they wouldn't scan again so soon. However, don't be too worried or you could cause your body and babies stress. Try deep meditation in the mornings, k... Read More »

When i am video chatting on face bk i can see and hear the other party but they can only hear me . how do i f?

Hello, Many users have problems with web cams. Press the designated button to turn on your camera. If you are using an external camera, use a compatible USB cable to connect the camera to the USB p... Read More »

Would you be able to hear a train from about two and a half miles away I hear it late at night?

It appears you are answering your own question. Under the right conditions I have heard train whistles from twice that distance, as from the top of a mountain with the train traveling through a val... Read More »