Can i have your a biological mothers name taken off the birth certificate?

Answer Frequently in an adoption by two parents, a second birth certificate is issued with the adoptive mother's name is placed in the name for the mother. It has a reference mark. Only a person in the vi... Read More »

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Does a biological father have any custodial rights if his name is not on the birth certificate and the mother was married to another man at the time of birth?

Answer Yes, get a blood test and prove it Answer No. What is your motivation? Are you trying to destroy a marriage? Have you done anything to support your child? Given money to pay for medical or... Read More »

My father died interstate in Florida my stepfather's name is on my birth certificate how can I prove that I am an heir to my biological father's estate There is a DNA sample from my biological dad.?

Can biological father be added on birth certificate?

Yes. Contact you state bureau of public records on procedure.

Can a father adopt his biological child if he is not on the birth certificate and someone else is?

Breedz should be downloaded in a zipped (compressed) folder format. That's how all mine were. You can save this file anywhere you choose, as long as you know where it is and it isn't interfering wi... Read More »