How Many Digits Does a Credit Card Have?

Answer Credit cards issued from MasterCard, Visa or Discover contain 16 digits. MasterCard's numbers start with a five, Visa's start with a four and Discover's numbers begin with six. American Express car... Read More »

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How many digits does a federal ID number have?

A federal tax identification number has nine digits. It is similar to a Social Security number, which also has nine digits, except it identifies a business entity rather than an individual for inco... Read More »

How many digits do Peruvian telephone numbers have?

The amount of digits in a telephone number in Peru depends on what country you are calling from and where you are in Peru. For instance, if you are calling Peru from the United States, you will dia... Read More »

How many digits does an American Express credit card number have?

An American Express card number has 15 digits, divided into three sections. The first section contains four digits, the second contains six and the third contains five. All American Express card nu... Read More »

How to Find Sums of Digits?

The sum of digits, also termed arithmetically as digit sum, is simply a sum of all the digits constituting a number. The only catch is that if the sum of digits constituting a number is a number th... Read More »