How many digits are in a us phone numer?

Answer Our phone numbers have 3 for the area code, 3 for the local office code and 4 unique digits for that one line. As said, ten total. If you are calling from outside of the US, you will need extra dig... Read More »

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How many digits are there in a credit card?

MasterCard, Discover and most Visa cards contain 16 digits in the credit card number. Some Visa cards only contain 13 digits. American Express credit cards have 15 digits and Diners Club credit car... Read More »

How Many Digits Does a Credit Card Have?

Credit cards issued from MasterCard, Visa or Discover contain 16 digits. MasterCard's numbers start with a five, Visa's start with a four and Discover's numbers begin with six. American Express car... Read More »

How many digits does a federal ID number have?

A federal tax identification number has nine digits. It is similar to a Social Security number, which also has nine digits, except it identifies a business entity rather than an individual for inco... Read More »

When did phone numbers become more than four digits?

Those who remember the telephone party line system might remember when you could dial four digits to call someone. The four-number system was gradually phased out in the 1950s. Sometime around 1958... Read More »